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Annual summary of publications 
Source: Publika.no
6 physicians, 40 study nurses, 9 site project managers, 5 medical quality registrar and 1 secretary.
  • Certified, trained and working according to GCP. Updated GCP training/course every second year
  • Trained in emergency situations (physicians and study nurses) and in the management of safety events (e.g. immune-related)
  • Experienced in web based electronic data capture and easy access to a computer with web/internet high speed access
  • Resources to complete data entry and resolve queries 1- 5 working days after visit completion
  • Availability of workspace for Monitors to perform regular site visit activities including ability to access the electronic data capture website
  • Experienced in using RECIST 1.1 and irRC to evaluate tumour response
  • Facilities for close patient surveillance, including equipment for continuous cardiac monitoring covering seven days a week with facilities for overnight stay (co-operation with in-patient ward)
  • Close co-operation with Intensive Care Unit and 24-hour access to the hospital Emergency Response Team
  • 24-hour facilities for standard blood sample analysis with expedited processing
  • Dedicated beds, available treatment chairs and outpatient consulting rooms
  • A laboratory which includes a (blood) sample preparation area containing equipment for processing and storage of study samples in compliance with GLP and GCP
  • Staff trained to collect, process and ship samples, completing tracking logs on an ongoing basis
  • -20° C and -80° C freezers available with adequate space for the storage of study samples
  • Trained Pharmacists working according to GMP
  • Specialised in oncology
  • Inspected by Norwegian Health Authority Inspectors in January 2009 and May 2019 without critical findings
  • Site specific SOPs continuously revised
  • Oslo University Hospital has one of the largest Radiotherapy departments in Northern Europe with 17 Linac’s
 Approval process
  • External review board: Last ten protocols NOMA 53 days, EC 53 days
  • Internal All protocols will be presented at the Department of Oncology Internal Review Board
  • All contracts with industry are handled by Inven2 (Tech Transfer Office)
Patient population
  • The Norwegian population: 5.3 million
  • Number of new cancer cases 2021: 36 998
  • Insidence Registry and Cancer statistics from The Cancer Registry of Norway