22 juni 2022

Public defence: Elin Aamdal

Oncologist Elin Aamdal defended her thersis:"Treating metastatic  melanoma with ipilimumab – Clinical activity, health-related quality of life and combination with a telomerase peptide vaccine". 

 04 april 2022

MITRIC - New study open for inclusion 

The MITRIC study is now open for inclusion of patients with melanoma, kidney cancer, head-neck cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin or microsatellite unstable (MSI positive) type of cancer. The study is relevant for patients who have been through standard treatment with immunotherapy, but the treatment has not had an effect.

Read more about the study at Oslo University Hospital 

11 october 21

PRO-GLIO - Håper ny studie kan gi svar om protonterapi

There is little research on the effect of proton therapy compared to regular radiation therapy. Soon, Norwegian brain cancer patients can participate in a study that can hopefully provide some more answers.

Interview in norwegian with researcher and oncologist Petter Brandal about the planned PRO-GLIO study.

21 september 21

Instagram: kreftforskning_ous

Department of Clinical Cancer Research is now on Instagram! Here we plan to publish news and show our work day.

Follow us @ kreftforskning_ous

21 september 20

Interview with Head of Department of Experimental Cancer Jon Amund Kyte by Pharma Boardroom 

Oncologist Jon Amund Kyte shares some of the groundbreaking immunotherapy research that he and his team is conducting at Oslo University Hospital. Kyte also explores how Norway can better develop its clinical footprint and what his hopes for the future of experimental cancer treatment in the country are.

15 september 20

BM7PE - New study for colorectal cancer open for inclusion 

A phase I/II study with BM7PE immunotoxin in colorectal cancer patients with metastactic  disease who are refractory to or with intolerance to last line of standard chemotherapy.

Read more about the study at Oslo University Hospital